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Ropecon is over. I managed to even participate a couple of program items, and do some producing needed. How ever, what was mostly left on my mind was a thing, some people who were sitting in the audience complained during both of lectures I was listening.

They complained how gamemaster can’t make any profit from a larp, maximum profit accepted is what covers pizzas to gamemasters afterwards.

Seriously, are you re-enacting the 90’s? Most of the larpers in “our circles” (I have 450 people on my facebook-friends, who I consider to be larpers) are adult and though some of them are more poor, some of them are richer, everyone of them would be able to put 50 euros to a game they would REALLY REALLY MUCH like to participate, most would be able to pay even more. And if the game would be a blast, they wouldn’t really be interested if you make some profit from it. If it wasn’t, they won’t come to sequel, even if you didn’t get profit.

This is no nineties, we’re not anymore highschoolers (though a couple of us still acts like they were and some still prefer their women that age) and as we pay 10 euros for a movie ticket, 100+ euros for a corset, 80 euros for a hairdresser, 70 euros for a video game or 60 euros for a bar night, we could also pay easily more money for larps if they would reach some quality standards with giving us powerful experiences.

And of course with more money they easier could. Money won’t cover bad planning, but let’s face it, clever special effects, atmosphere nicer that a youth house, live band, identical tunics, computer network etc. that would fit in your concept, might make the game more real for players.

If your game doesn’t intend change the world of any of the players, or doesn’t even plan entertain them as much as the newest Pirates of the Caribbean, or you just purely enjoy doing the games that you’re doing right now, then it’s okay you to stick with 5 to 10 euros, and dream about a free pizza.

But then you have no right to complain. 😛


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