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I have no time or interest for USA, but I signed up for Mittelpunkt.

Edit: Crap, had to cancel it because it seems there’ll be no other Finns going.

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I realized today how many wonderful friends I have after all.

We’re doing this Arpacon-thing next spring, the convention to people who’re interested in roleplaying. Our Guest of Honor comes by the price of his flight tickets, he rather sleeps at someone’s couch than at a hotel. And when asked from the first person if he’d take the GoH to his couch, the fast answer was simple “of course”. When it turned out that we’d need a local association to be able to apply for a certain funding, our friend was ready to let us use his. When we needed recommendations for another funding, one friend had already promised without even asking to write such if we’d ever need one. And we have people who will run our tabletop games and board games and larps. We’re so lucky to have so many productive, supportive and helpful friends.

And of course the Arpacon-crew is full of wonderful people. It looks very unlikely, that we will fail by this team.

No just waiting for the results from the funding lottery…


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SuoLi didn’t die on annual meeting. Sevenish new hopes were found who will try to save SuoLi and if it wouldn’t work, then it can die. I’ve heard the same story before. Three years ago with Jenni, two years before with some others, including myself. Both rescue attempts have brought good stuff to finnish larping scene but still they haven’t made SuoLi any more alive.

I don’t know what to expect, some of them are people I know to be hardworking and nice. I’m of course mostly curious about seeing how it will turn out, at least it seemed that they’d let me have larp.fi. Although it’s possible that they’ll change their view as it has for some reason been down a couple of days, it crashed just after the meeting. 😛

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After some money-issues, it seems that I have some hundred euros left after I get my tax refunds and pay all my bills. So I’m considering Mittel.punkt, because I had such a great time there last year. Except that I’m still waiting for confirmation about other Finns to go, because I hate travelling alone and talking english in the morning.

Somehow it descibes my too much (nut not enough) travelling-lifestyle that I gave up: I have three cups at my corridor, one for swedish money, one for norwegian and one for danish. As it seems I anyway will be going back time after time, why to change them to euros.

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