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So okay, 2014 is coming to end, and I feel like summarizing it a bit.

Great year it has been, also larpwise. What makes me most happy is the new larp calendar Laura S made. It somewhat also works in English (the descriptions of games are in Finnish, but if you have a game and want to have Finnish players, you can add it there), so feel free to check it out: http://kalenteri.larp.fi. Also it makes my burden almost zero, to be able to have other admins on board.

What also makes me happy was that we got the last Ysaria larp organized. Previous ones were 2008 and 2010, and as both me and Laura T used our free time with Solmukohta in 2012 it was really nice to finally get the campaign to end.

The congress center for Ropecon, Dipoli is going to have a big repair, and Ropecon is looking for new place after next year. I’m happy to be chosen as main organizer of the last Dipoli year, and I’m also happy that there will still be Ropecon after Dipoli.

Also what has made me happy are the last conversations with Finnish larpers in a FB group. Many people have been belittling possibility of a meaningful internet conversation, but really it’s easiest way to make people think their own prejudices and maybe sooner or later change them. First conversation was about harassment in larps, that got maybe 600 comments total, where people not only shared their experiences, but also thought how to prevent that happening again and how could everyone act to prevent it. Now the second conversation is still continuing, but conversation about hlbtq-people and their chances to have meaningful larp experiences without belittling might also lead to more good games for those minorities, and also respecting each others character wishes, but letting people to explore their boundaries without being defined as a minority if one wants to try something like that in larp. We’ll see.

What I’m waiting from 2015 larpwise at least:
* Knudepunkt in February. Denmark has a great history of organizing great KPs.
* The Harry Potter larp in Poland in April.
* Ropecon in May.
* Depending on work and education things, maybe some small project to organize at the end of 2015. We’ll see that then.

And oh, during 2015 I most likely change my last name to Säynevirta. It’s kinda scary even though it has nothing to do with larp.


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