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Roolipelaaja magazine died after 23 numbers and “the staff” had the funeral party where they/we praised each others and pondered what went wrong. And drank beer.

Parochialism is still one of the biggest sins of Finnish roleplaying community. When any one tries to do something cool, there’ll always be dozen of those, who have never done anything but would have still done it much better. And the ones doing Roolipelaaja are some kind of inner circle or friend circle of Nordic Roleplaying Fans who think themselves better than the rest of the roleplayers. (If course I knew only half of the people present at the party so that’s for the inner circle. Or maybe I’m just a NRF-hang-around…)

Not only the people who’ve never done anything complained. Even some of the people writing to RP made it very clear that they don’t wanna be part of that so-called-circle and that they would have done the magazine completely differently and better and would have defined what is included in roleplayingmagazine much better than Juhana did. And they did it of course all the way. I stopped reviewing boardgames to RP half a year ago. I had my last drop of stupid critic, when certain “roleplay authority” said on the rp-forum that as I (also) do larps, I can’t be a good critic for boardgames. Sure. Even though the comment came from guy who was the biggest pain in my ass during the years I did Ropecon program and who calls himself a roleplay wright just because he owns a company that translates Forge games in Finnish. Still it remind me of the fact that there’ll always be the idiots who will make up some explanation why they’re better than the others and why you suck. And I just don’t need that kind of feedback from the voluntary work. I have my paid work for that. 😉


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During last 12 months, I’ve participated two larps and five roleplaying conventions (Mittelpunkt, Knutepunkt, Arpacon, Ropecon and European Larp Convention). It’s sad that the number of cons rise above the number of games. It usually states that you’re coming old and rather hang out with your friends than really do larp. I admit. And I should get back on track, but anyway.

In my case it’s of course about timing as well. Working three to four weekends in month it really doesn’t give you opportunities to go and test if some randon game might be good. It has to be, if I spoil my only free weekend on it.

First game this year was Talvi-iltain Tarinoita, (Winter Evening), probably the most replayed game in Finnish scene,  first played in 1998. Orginally made for Lahti youth and culture office by E. Vesala and P. Munter and now replayed as annual celebration game of SuoLi. Game was based on the novels written by Z. Topelius and the ingame world was a little manson in 1830’s Finnish village.

I don’t know what did I or the other players expect, but as the name of the game has become a classic, it of course made us wait for a good game. Charachters were nicely written, but there were not much to do during the whole game. I don’t know if we’d need a better gamestyle guide to make the game fit to this millenium, but most of the game was just hanging in the manson and as that was not what most of the players expected, it ended up being slightly boring to many. As most of the players had no idea, how to make their character enjoy their winter evening, they just sit passively on different sides of the manson waiting for something to happen. At the end something did happen, as all the secrets were relieved but as most of the game was just hanging, I understand that many players were left disappointed. I was slightly fed up, but as for me the evening wasn’t just about the ingame part, I didn’t take it that seriously.

Still we have a plenty of those historical games without that much to do, but I guess it’s just about expections and preparation. It’s not that hard to learn to play bridge or what ever fits for just that hanging around-game.

Also it also underlines the classic idea that anyone can make their larp a classic just by talking about it in a way if it were one. At some point nobody will question what made it so special from the other games. 😉

Speaking of replayable games, it seems that as I’ve larped twice during a year and both of them have been replays, one could say I do only replays. Another one was Siege Mentality, a two hour zombie-survivor minilarp by J.Tuomas Harviainen and Roger Gamman. The idea was simple, everyone got a half a page character with a couple of random abilities and then got locked with the others on an apartment, as all the other humans outside this apartment seemed to have turned into Zombies. All the characters were of course annoying, one way or another. Played in a two room apartment with more than 10 players, the feeling was intensive and at some point while we had action inside the flat, I really kicked one of the players on leg and almost got hit by a door. Panic is great base for a game, it’s much easier to get and stay in character when you have something to fear every moment. And game was short enough not to become boring as another two hours in that apartment with my fellow non-zombie-dickheads might have end up either boring staring and glaring or an situation where every half-hour the most annoying participant would be thrown out to staircase to zombies to feast. I probably wouldn’t be the first to throw out from the recidence, but probably I’d ended eaten soon as well.

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Why are we here?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. It would make sense to have another blog for just larp related stuff as there’re some of you who are more interested in that than the content of my fridge. Also I’ve thought about writing more in English than just my Facebook status updates, so it would make perfectly sense to combine these things and have an English larp blog.

Of course there’s always a slight chance that some ordinary haircut and gossip might find its way here and there will be some larprelated stuff at livejournal.

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