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It bugs me that there’re plenty of people who claim to do larp related events with professional attitude, but on the same time they complain, call names and blame others on their Facebook. And if anyone points that out, they hide behind “it’s my private Facebook-page, I can write there what I want”. Of course one can write there almost anything one wants, but if third of the participants of that roleplaying event (larp or convention), are your Facebook friends, it’s stupid to think that it’s whole separate what you say on your private profile and how you put it out on the event’s profile.

I try to do better. What ever events I organize, (next ones being Ysaria III this week and Ropecon 2015 next year) I will stick up to following goals/rules until I find better ones or realize they suck.


1. Official information will be published first on the event web pages, not on my private profile.

2. I will not write about private matters that should be between organizers on social media.

3. When disagreeing, I will keep that conversation on its original place, not spread my one sided argument on my own feed.

4. I don’t mock other organizers in my status updates.

5. I won’t do the previous ones neither on the cryptic updates that only few close friends (and some others) will understand.

6.  I will not invite all my friends or all my roleplaying related friends to like pages or participate events I don’t know if they’re interested. I will go through them and only invite the ones I guess would be interested.

7. I will tell people that private messaging my Facebook is not (usually) priority way to get information about the event and it will make me tired not to be able to decide how and when to communicate about project. And if appropriate I either ask them to contact right address/person, or mention that reading answer from the web pages might be a good solution.

8. As an organizer I don’t have to win every debate on social media concerning my event, I just have to make sure all facts are there and readers can themselves decide what’s true.

9. I will not complain in social media how doing volunteer work is such a burden, I do it only because nobody else does, and/or  I should get paid from it.

10. If angry, I’ll wait till I calm down before updating or answering.


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