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I’m doing an exception and I shall write about something not straightly related to roleplaying. As these days when I’m not working at fast food restaurant, or at school at Turku uni, I don’t think that much about roleplaying stuff, in fact I even think Solmukohta when I have time scheduled for that, but what I do, is that I watch Big Brother Finland. I have the 24/7-thing, that makes it possible to watch it all day (and night) long. So I watch it always when I have nothing else to do. Not because I like it, but because my little sister is there.

It’s kinda addictive, though I of course feel stupid. But I’m having same feelings while watching my sister at internet, as I’m having while gamemastering a larp. The Finnish gamemastering with pre-written characters causes game masters know all the characters’ secrets, personality and so on, without any control what they’re going to do with them. “Please don’t tell them that your child’s father doesn’t know he has a kid. Oh, you did.” and so on.

If I could be someone else for a day, today I would definitely want to be the director or producer of the show. Mostly to know how it feels, to have that much power over REAL human beings, throwing them into different kinds of situations trying to make them lose their nerves and reveal their real person. Does it make the producers and directors feel almighty, and how they cope with it. Three months of controlling lives on 20 persons, does it affect, even on the subconscious level, your real relationships, when you play their God every day. As I’ve seen some game masters get high from the feeling they’re controlling fictional lives, how much higher one must get while doing it for 3 months, for real people.

I’d love to continue with the subject, but I have to go back to watch TV, as during last 24 hours, my sister has thrown a chopping board and a knife towards her fellow house mate, hidden alcohol around the house while being drunk and is now running there around in a stupid bee costume collecting honey from plastic sunflowers.

And I’m trying to live with the fact that she’s now the most famous person on our family. 😉


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