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I’ve had not much to write. Solmukohta 2012 was lovely, I’m still proud of it after a year, just talked about it with Laura. How ever because stuff that happened behind the scenes (like it always does) I completely lost my interest to keep myself connected to what was happening in Nordic larp scene. I know that Jiituomas had his dissertation. And Markus too. There was (and is) Nordic Larp wiki, that I never got interested enough to write stuff, or even read it. I went to Knutepunkt this year without really knowing what is alibi in roleplaying sense. And I hadn’t read Lizzie Stark’s Leaving Mundania.

I’ve played larps and roleplaying games more actively than in years. As Jiituomas moved to Helsinki metropolitan area, I could participate his biweekly rpg-campaign, just like I did when we both lived in Turku, this time WoD. And it has been great fun! And we kicked Helsinki Roleplaying Factory up and running with Suviko, Santeri and MaijaKo, it has been really nice too. But I really haven’t had any of that inner flame that makes me spend hours in the middle of night to read roleplaying related books, homepages of Scandinavian or German larps that I can understand with some help from dictionaries. I have had absolutely no interest to listen larp podcasts Claus has been making. And so on.

So personally biggest reason to sign up for KP2013 was to get back to mood of doing stuff. And even more importantly, getting back to being interested of stuff others do, as my strength doesn’t really lie on artistic side of roleplaying, but more in a daily bread that needs to be done.

The event itself was different from others as one of the personal themes was feeling somewhat offended and then feeling guilt of feeling that. Every night I very Finnishly got a bit tipsy with half a (small) bottle of vodka, went sleep around two when I realized I wasn’t having fun anymore and it was not worth trying to desperately to get back to funzone. And woke up for breakfast. So I managed to participate program most of the day, mostly trying to find out what had happened during the last 12 months. And pretty amazing things had. Like Mad about the Boy – American run, Celestra, Palestanian larp, Larpwriter Summer School and so on. And somehow I stared to get the right mood back. These guys are doing interesting projects and even though I can’t or even want to be part of all of them, I surely want to read more about them. And I want to be part of organizing committee of the Helsinki Roleplaying Factory summer con, and produce Mad About the Boy rerun in Helsinki next winter, and host a Helsinki edit-a-thon for Nordic Larp wiki next month. And so on.

So my personal Nordic Larp Depression starts to be over. Luckily. Project for next week: Gym with Claus’s larp podcasts.


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