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My stomach hurts and I can’t do anything positive or productive, so I wrote an official initiative as a member of SuoLi (Finnish live-action roleplayers’ association) to euthanize the association.

This year has not only been inefficient, but also tragicomic to association and its activity. The orders haven’t been taken care of, only I and Jenni are answering on the information/PR-messages we get (neither of us are really information persons on this association, member affairs haven’t been taken care neither. The biggest thing done is a member initiative about changing the rules, which was voted down, and for some reason the same member that gave the original initiative, tried to vote down the other board member, that was present in that general assembly, where to voting was done. She pulled it back, but still these are the only activities we can put on the official annual report of activities. Even if I’m not on the board, I feel shame how things are.


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