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I should probably write this rather on the Finnish journal, because it has more readers (this probably has none if I don’t link the posts on Facebook or Livejournal), but anyway.

The larps I’d like to write. As I only organize Ysaria (Ninetiesia) these days and even though making parody larps about 90’s fantasy games is much fun, I have other ideas as well that I’d like to fulfill at some point. So I’ll present a couple of them here:

Offgame 1.
Of course these days I would give it more rocking name, but the basic idea of having a weekend long larp where larpers play larpers who prepare, play, debrief and afterparty at a fantasygame. Different from Aftergame-larp, Turhautuneet Teinit (Frustrated Teens) and others with same theme, I’d prefer organizing both the game and the game in the game properly. Not underlined Stereotypes, larp versions of my friends but a fictive larping scene that Finland might posses as well as the one we have.

Teen Harry Potter Game.
I’m so jealous that some others than me are making the first ever Harry Potter teen game in Finland. Teen game in the “OC meets HP” sense. It would be so cool, but as they’re already doing it, I couldn’t organize it, not as a public larp calendar game at least…

Moomin game
I’d love to have a game based on Tove Jansson’s Moomin summer Madness with some fateplay elements so that even if the game might not end as the novel did, it would still have some same scenes on it.


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