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Somebody asked why I haven’t been writing anything. It’s not really that I’d been busy, it’s mostly that I’ve had nothing to say that I’d like to say publicly. Of course I can praise my Solmukohta team. They’re wonderful, they’ve done their best and I wouldn’t change any of them. I would have done better myself a couple of times, but it’s not really stuff that shows out, it’s just stuff that I feel bad myself, as I acted against my principles on some small matters.

I’ve never been good at anything related to larping. I’m a bit better writer in Finnish than an avarage larper and I proofread Finnish quite well, but they’re both unnecessary skills considering Solmukohta. How ever in volunteer working I believe the most important part is to see the potential in other people. How they could be used to make the event better and other organizers burden smaller. May it be a program item they might hold, photographs they could take, work shift they’d do, free pencils they can provide or what ever. Finding that something from others is a skill that has slowly grown during the years of Ropecon, that I’ve not really realized having. But these days I never end up on situation where I wouldn’t know who to ask to do something. (And luckily there’re plenty of people to do those small little favors, just check how many proofreaders we’ve had. ❤ )

And it's also talent to remember that no-one is unreplaceable and nobody should be. I'm not replacing anyone, as said at the beginning. But people fall ill, life situations change. Hell, I even had a replacement plan for myself, if I'd fallen badly ill.

I've started to see the normal nightmares of nobody showing up on event or somebody madly yelling to me on the stage that this is the worse event ever (my normal event organizing nightmares), but no night has Solmukohta stressing kept me awake. I've been able to do my job, school, lose over 10 kilos by diet and exercising and keeping my love affair as great as ever.

I've come to the conclusion that the attitude and capability of seeing the potential in others are my best talents in doing any volunteer projects, not just Solmukohta.

(Oh. I also read from the internet that I killed the Nordic larp democracy by letting the event fill up that fast. I'm sorry, it was an accident.)


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