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So yesterday we were looking the LotR-trilogy with my bf. I suck at keeping my mind on the matter I should be concentrating on, so I started thinking about how LotR had been one of the two big things that had made the number of larpers rise exponentially. (Another one was the Daughters of Siam – the teen larper drama series on our primary TV-channel a couple of years before.)

We didn’t get the best out of it. This ain’t Denmark. Not every kid has tried it, but most of them at least know what it is. In theory we might have had the chances to do the same stuff as they did on Denmark with kid larping, but we didn’t. We were either not prepared, interested or what ever.

But Hobbit is coming on theaters next years’ December and this time we are interested and we might be prepared to that too.

As people in Ropecon, SuoLi and so on have been worried about the number of larpers descending and there has been stuff done and planned to attract new people in the world or Larp. There has been Arpacon, Jupe’s games for beginners and kids, roleplaying course for teachers etc, some gaming stores are organizing places and evening, where people might play tabletob RPGs. There will soon be Democon and so on. Those haven’t caught as much interest as we would have hoped, but some at least.

So if we’d do same kind of stuff after first part of the Hobbit movie, we might succeed alluring a new generation of larpers on the hobby. Maybe even have some “professional larpers” here too, professional meaning people who get paid for stuff they do, we’re already as competent to be that, we just do it for fun not for money.

Of course Hobbit won’t be that big thing that LotR was, but we’re now better. We have people with PR-professions, some people capable of doing association politics and/or funding bureaucracy, some larps that can be replayed, some cloths and swords that can be borrowed, persons already co-operating with culture centers, teachers that have used larp as an educational tool and so on.

And it doesn’t need 1000 people selling their soul again to the hobby but a couple of persons doing good PR and some people on the biggest cities to organize games for newbies and some to answer on newbies questions on web forums and stuff like that. Stuff that there’re already people doing.

I personally believe that the year between first and last part of the Jackson’s Hobbit will be our best shot to make our hobby again In, Pop and interesting to new people. Let’s do that?


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