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After asking everyone to do it a bit better, a bit more, now I’ll just present the idea, of doing a bit less.

As most (or both) of my readers are more or less experienced and capable larp wrights, I want to present the idea of 80%/20%. I’ve heard it from Claus R, of course the idea isn’t his, but putting it on a context of larping, might be.

Most of people spend 20% of the time they use on doing larps, to get it 80% ready. The last 80% of time they use to make the last 20% of it ready. So if you just accept your game to be only 80% ready, when you deliver it, you could make 5 games on the same time that you make one. And don’t just take it on gamemastering. If you accept that you can go to a game with the props you get together in 20% of time, you would spend if you sew every ornament, accessory and decoration, you will have plenty of more time to sleep so you will lighten the place with your wonderful, well-slept persona that will be reflected in the way you play your character, so nobody will notice that your dress doesn’t have ornaments on every stitching. Except the ones, who have stayed awake the whole night with making their props so they’re so tired they won’t be able to concentrate on the essential stuff.

I know this isn’t something everyone would accept, but I just wanted to give it to you to ponder. Because even if I won’t make my games only 80% ready, I will do it with my larp clothing, maybe somebody else might want prioritize other way around or find some other part of the hobby where (s)he would tolerate only doing it by 80%.

Besides: 80% ready game is more playable, than a game that a gamemaster won’t run, because it’s not perfect. As it never will be perfect, there are better causes to burn out for.


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