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Lessons I’ve learned during the last a couple of years.

I know math isn’t usually larpers’ favorite subject. If it would be, we’d be stuck in Runemaster, D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games with huge piles of tables instead of this going out and immersing and having fun while suffering. But let’s make some kind of calculation.

Many of us study and work, of have a hobby other than roleplaying we passionately spend time. Please calculate the amount of studying points you do this autumn. Multiply it with hours one studying point theoretically is. We know it isn’t usually that much, but it’s a good approximation as occasionally school makes us so tired we won’t be able to do anything but watch telly after school. Then count your work. How much hours you do on average week, does your work need some kind of planning that’s done at home. Count that too. Then your hobbies, the ones you do every week. Tantra, Aerobic, Kendo, Cooking that’s more of a exploring food cultures than to fill your stomach. If you have kids, make some kind of random guess, how much time they take each normal week. I have no model for that. Then divide the amount of school with weeks your autumn semester last, and sum it with your weekly work hours and work planning hours, kid hours and hobby hours. Then divide the number by seven. I for instance work every day, weekends included, for about 11 hours a day. Try to remember that, when you start planning your next larp, campaign or con. As volunteer working is fun as hell, if one has time for it. But doing it on the edge of burnout isn’t honestly good for anyone. Yes, sad but true, you’re replaceable. Don’t take more stuff than you can handle and still have fun on the same time. and if you do, don’t make the same mistake next year again.


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